10 beautiful places to visit in Tenerife and Mallorca

Beloved by many a Brit, Spain is one of a few countries that boast beauty, endless sunshine, fine cuisine and a vibrant culture. One of the highlights of the country is the abundance of sun-soaked islands settled far and wide in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, each with a unique nature, history, and culture preserved to this day. From visiting both islands many times over the years, here are my favourite beautiful places to visit in Tenerife and Mallorca…

Mallorca Deià

Deià is an oasis of peace and tranquillity as well as the muse for many people of art. The amazing village is set on a hill at the foot of Mount Puig del Teix among lush palm trees and high cypress trees. The inhabitants of Deià have built their homes in complete harmony with the surrounding world using sandstone of an amazing honey colour. Narrow streets

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