10 exceptional birdwatching spots in Ecuador

10 exceptional birdwatching spots in Ecuador By on Nov 23, 2021 in Ecuador, Leisure Travel, Regions, South America, Speciality Travel

As we slowly move away from discussions about Moderna and Pfizer, adventurous birdwatchers are again thinking more about Macaws and Finches. And one of the best areas for some serious birding is the pint-sized South American nation of Ecuador, which has the most bird species per acre of any country on the planet..!!

Boasting 1,638 species, this tiny country has a greater diversity of birds than China or India, and nearly twice as many bird species as the United States. All of this gives birders the possibility of spotting more different species in a week or two than you would have just about anywhere else
For birders, the country is a top destination not only thanks to

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