10 of the most mesmerizingly beautiful islands to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is the home to some of the most amazing paradise-esque islands you will ever visit. Some of these are pretty well known but there are still many beautiful under-the-radar gems just waiting to be discovered. Sprinkled like cut diamonds on a counter our guest blogger Ryan Smith a full-time traveller and founder of MrAbroad.com, chooses his favourite 10 beautiful Vietnam islands you should aim to visit just once in your lifetime…

Phu Quoc Island

Among the most beautiful islands in Vietnam is Phu Quoc, people can’t forget this place after even a single visit. The island offers fresh air, cool breeze and spacious, peaceful atmosphere making it a perfect escape from the hustles of daily life. Around the island is white sand, crystal-clear waters, green coconut trees, and beautiful sunshine for the most memorable experience.

Nam Du Island

This place gives the promise of

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