10 reasons to go on a safari to Namibia during the ‘Green Season’

In most of Southern Africa, including Namibia, the “Green Season” refers to the summer months of November to April. These months correspond to the rainy season, where the landscapes come back to life with the first drops of rain and display all kind of green hues in the prolific vegetation.

Historically, travelers looking for a safari were typically advised to travel during the dry and cooler months of July to September, where the wildlife is forced to congregate around the few water points and can easily be observed there. This period also coincides with the long holidays in the Northern hemisphere, and has therefore gained in popularity.

However, the “Green season” is equally attractive, and that for a number of reasons. So before you decide on when to travel, take the time to read below and discover why the “Green Season” is actually my preferred time of the year

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