10 reasons why you need to visit Colombia now

One of the most surprising things I learned recently is how diverse the landscapes and experiences are in Colombia. You can have urban experiences, spend time with indigenous and Afro-Colombian cultures, see wildlife, enjoy beaches on quiet islands, have river adventures, relax in hot springs, see a volcano, spend time in the mountains, see canyons, have cowboy experiences, enjoy nature reserves, spend time on coffee farms, hang out with musicians, have a rum immersion, marvel at art, go on a graffiti tour, dine in excellent restaurants, have a wellness retreat, stay in safari-like camp… all in this small country.

Here’s a bit more info on just a few of the top experiences you can have in Colombia.

1. Bogotá

If you’re into cities, Bogotá’s food, art, and fashion scene will capture you. I LOVED my recent visit to Bogotá! The city has a youthful, hip vibe

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