10 sacred sites and spiritual journeys in South America

Many of us feel attracted to soul-stirring places that exert something spiritual within us. The original meanings these sites hide shrouded in secrecy and are often buried in time, yet each is a place of mystery and awe.

Many of these destinations are known for their age-old legends, spiritual practices and long-standing ceremonies, while other sacred sites now exist as ruins or natural wonders.

For “believers” and non-believers alike, these destinations offer something undefined, something mystical – or perhaps simply something that moves us deeply.

While hundreds of sacred sites and spiritual destinations can be found throughout South America, we have selected just ten of them that we’ve found particularly compelling.

1. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira (Colombia)

As the name suggests, the “Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira” is a pretty unusual place and an unmissable stop on any trip to Bogota, Colombia. Located an hour from the Colombian capital

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