10 South American colonial towns well worth a visit

Many travelers find that colonial cities hold a unique and enduring appeal. Our favorite places are those where you feel like you’ve gone back in time from the moment you arrive.

The romance of old plastered walls, cobbled streets and candy-colored houses create a picturesque and charming ambiance. Your stay may be at a time-honored-yet-stylish posada in an “old town” quarter, steeped in history and offering a nostalgic window into the past. There, you’ll wake up to a rich cup of coffee, and from your balcony that overlooks the central square, you’ll observe the colorfully dressed locals down below hurrying along on their way. These are places where can relax, slow down, and relish a few days immersed in the enchantment of days gone by.

So that travelers might experience some of these chimerical locales here in South America, we’ve outlined our top ten choices. 

Quito’s “Old Town”:

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