10 very cool reasons to add Montreal to your travel list

An extraordinary city overflowing with creative energy, positivity and an outlook on life no other place on earth, after spending a week in the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, here are my 10 very cool reasons you should travel to Montreal now…

The dizzying array of festivals and cultural events

Name a season, an art form or even a time of year and Montréal has a festival for it. Montreal’s dizzying calendar of events is chock full all year around and I’ve never been to a city with so many festivals and cultural events taking place – from an immersive light performance  and gastronomic festivals to outdoor sports, circus performances and performance art. Grand events, festivals and even impromptu street performances are a cornerstone of life in Montréal. My festival highlights during my week? The extraordinary Caida del cielo show for the Transamérique Festival which spectacularly

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