11 Amazing North American National Parks That Hardly Anyone Visits

The national parks of the United States and Canada are some of the greatest in the world. However, most of the attention is taken up by the superstar parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Banff. Each of these parks gets millions of visitors per year, and visiting during the peak season it’s like visiting an amusement park.

These popular parks are not the only parks, however. There are some amazing parks in North America which get only a fraction of the visitors of the popular parks. Often times these parks are hard to reach and are expensive to get to. Sometimes, they just aren’t on anyone’s radar because they haven’t become popular.

I have visited all 11 of the parks listed here as part of my quest to visit every national park in North America.

Location: Lake Superior. Technically part of Michigan
Annual Vistors: ~20,000

Isle Royale National Park is the

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