11 amazing things to do in Devon

11 amazing things to do in Devon By on Apr 26, 2021 in Attractions, Europe, Going Out, Regions, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Flanked by striking, rugged shorelines to the north and south and dotted with hills, vales, and moors, Devon is one of the UK’s most popular holiday counties with a rich and ancient past. This vast and versatile landscape has been occupied by humans for around 30,000 years, but its Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty is full of natural flora, fauna, and wildlife that have graced this fascinating stretch of land far beyond the time of humans…and the fossils found on its aptly named Jurassic coast can attest to this!

Devon is the perfect British holiday spot. Serviced easily by the M5, with beachside resorts on the north and south coasts and with plenty to see and do in between,

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