11 pet peeves that ensure your place doesn’t get the coverage it deserves — and their simple solutions

Quick note / warning: this post is dedicated to a number of unnamed places we’ve visited that would otherwise go unmentioned on One Weird Globe. This is also a bit of a rant.

Bloggers like myself take pride in showcasing what a place has to offer, and some places make it easy to make them look good — exhibits are well-lit, guides are friendly, and signage is plentiful. Some places can be a bit harder to love — their budget prevents needed upgrades, the price doesn’t quite match what’s inside, and so on.

After 9 years of travel blogging and almost 2,000 posts, I’ve come up with a list of pet peeves that ensure a place doesn’t get covered, doesn’t get visited, or doesn’t get recommended.

Don’t allow guests to take photos

Act scared of a person with a camera! Give me a BS reason why your centuries-old artwork

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