15 Things You Must Do in Lyon, France

Hey guys! Today we have a guest post from CatherineRose who blogs over at La Vie En C-Rose. CatherineRose lived in Lyon for three years which is why I’m excited for her to share her recommendations on what to do there!

Lyon is in the Rhône-Alpes region and although it’s one of the largest cities in France, it’s a very livable size – not too big, not too small. There is a lot to see, but not a lot that you have to see. Unlike Paris, there’s no pressure to visit an endless list of monuments and museums, so it’s perfect for a stress-free weekend getaway.

If you like to visit beautiful monuments and historical museums, Lyon has you covered. If you like to explore hidden neighborhoods covered with graffiti and street art, you can do that too. Maybe you just want to drink wine and eat croissants (hi, you’re my

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