15 top tips for the perfect Galapagos Islands getaway

Teeming with wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth, the remote Galapagos Islands are located almost 600 hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. For most travelers, it’s a destination we dream of experiencing in person, though we rarely imagine the reality of what a visit to this iconic location entails.

So, before you dive in to begin swimming with playful sea lions, or have a chance to look eye-to-eye with a 500-pound tortoise, or marvel at the dramatic evidence of this area’s volcanic origins, you’ve got some planning to do.

Here are a few things to consider to get the very most out of your visit to one of the world’s most unique and secluded UNESCO World Heritage sites.

1. Select a tour that suits your ability

The rewards of visiting the Galapagos Islands are countless. From Giant Galapagos tortoises to Blue-footed boobies, from curious sea lions

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