15 travel hacking accessories that will improve your life in 2017

From inflatable chairs to desks you can carry around with you everywhere, here are 15 of ultimate up-the-minute travel hacks that will make your globetrotting adventures a piece of cake in 2017. Get ready to be revolutionised and become a 21st-century intrepid nomad….we promise you’ll be wondering how you ever coped before! 1. The Smart Pack Organiser

Designed by a group of backpackers with over 30 years of experience between them, the Smart Pack is designed to make one of life’s annoying bugbears – packing – much easier! Instead of shoving clothes willy–nilly into your backpack, simply fold them into the cleverly designed Smart Pack. You can also organise your clothes into neat little sections (perfect when going away on longer trips) and then access them very easily when you reach your chosen destination. It also keeps dirty and clean clothes separate so it offers a fab alternative

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