2 Day Itinerary for Louisville With Kids (or Without)

The Horse Racing capital of the world held a treasure trove of fun for Southern TravelingMom her daughter. Louisville, Kentucky is much more than delicious food and thoroughbred horses, though they both just add more allure to the artsy city. Get ready to discover this and more with her 2 day itinerary for Louisville with kids (or without).

Louisville’s Big Four Bridge off a dazzling visual delight with its colorful light show. Photo by Melody Pittman/Southern TravelingMom.

2 Day Itinerary for Louisville With Kids (or Without)

It had been years since I visited the state of Kentucky. My daughter Taylor, and I were driving through the state and decided to take a little detour and see what fun we could find in Louisville. We found a lot! Here are the things we recommend for a two-day itinerary for Louisville, with or without kids

Day One in Louisville, Kentucky

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