2018 – Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America

Added by on January 5, 2019

Off-road driving is a non-conventional hobby that many find exciting and enjoyable. However, it can be difficult to look for trails and terrains that can really challenge one’s skill of the sport. With this in mind, PartCatalog has once again compiled a list of the 5 Best Off-Road Trails in every U.S. state through a nationwide survey.

With off-road enthusiasts from different states responding through social media and word of mouth, the survey reveals only the best off-road destinations found in all 39 states, which means that anyone can conveniently visit a great off-road trail in their area based on the results of the survey.

This year’s survey garnered the largest voter turnout, which makes this PartCatalog’s most accurate one as of this writing. If you need to quench your thirst for adventure anytime soon, check out this infographic and find your

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