2021’s best eco-luxury hotels

2021’s best eco-luxury hotels By on Sep 01, 2021 in Accommodation, Africa, Argentina, Asia, Bolivia, Botswana, Cambodia, Central America, Costa Rica, Featured, Fiji, Hotels, Mexico, North America, Oceania, Regions, Resorts, Rwanda, South America, Sri Lanka

Sustainable travel will ensure the destinations we cherish will be around for future generations. Sustainable luxury tourism applies to using local guides, using energy-efficient transport, dining at restaurants that source organic and local produce, and of course eco-luxury accommodation.

Amid a pandemic and ongoing environmental issues such as global warming, travel is increasingly important, and more than just a vacation. It is important to choose your destination carefully and check that your accommodation and travel advisor is committed to sustainability.

Unfortunately, terms such as “sustainability” have been overused and ‘greenwashed’, resulting in destinations that may look the part, but aren’t actually as responsible as they appear. From groundbreaking initiatives (with meaningful

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