21 Fabulous Things to Do in Malta.


Where can you find the perfect balance of historic sites and blissful beaches? The tiny island of Malta, with its Knights and prehistoric sites, offers amazing historical treasures. And the gorgeous beaches along the Mediterranean will soothe your soul.

Malta’s beaches provide crystal clear water for snorkeling, which was a favorite thing to do for our kids. Photo credit: Julie Thompson-Adolf, Garden Geek Traveling Mom.

With a sister-in-law that lives in a house dating from the 17th century, I knew we were in for an amazing historical journey through the small island country of Malta. Lucky for us, our kids also love history. Especially lucky for us, our Maltese family proved to be perfect tour guides, showing us both the famous historical sites and the local, hidden-from-tourist beaches. Our family quickly filled our week’s itinerary with the most fabulous things to do in Malta!

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