22 royal mummies transfer from Egyptian Museum to NMEC

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has reported that 22 royal mummies will be transferred in a wonderful parade from their present location in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to their new permanent place in Fustat’s National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, which is located near the Babylon Fortress and overlooks Ain Al Sira in the heart of the historic city of Fustat. This event will take place in Cairo on the 3rd of April. The announcement was made in an official statement, which noted that the parade will start at 6 PM on Saturday and will contain 22 mummies that belong to between the seventeenth and twentieth dynasties.

Mummies included in the parade

The royal mummies that will be transferred to the new museum are 18 mummies of pharaohs and four of the ancient Egyptian queens. Among them are the mummies of King Ramses II, Ramses III, Thutmose I,

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