3 terrific superyachts for yacht charter in the Caribbean

One basic rule in superyacht charter is that yachts move! This exciting aspect of yacht charter means that a yacht and crew that you love may be available for a yacht charter in the Caribbean one winter, and then in New England the next summer. While the winter after the same yacht might be available for charter in the Bahamas, and that next summer, available for an Italian Riviera Cruise providing fabulous yacht charter vacations on the same yacht with the crew that you love in each charter location with the bonus of an ever changing view. The following are three luxury superyachts that are in the Caribbean this winter, 2019, each with a crew that we love. Want to have fun in the sun enjoying the balmy Trade Winds cruising through lovely tropical islands? We think each one of these three superyachts is a terrific choice for a great

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