4 STEM Activities in Chicago That Aren’t in a Museum

Trying to add some education to your travels? Sure, you can visit a museum, but if you want kids to fully enjoy the experience it helps to step outside of the box. Check out Travel Hack Traveling Mom Dia Adams’ tips for real-world STEM Activities in Chicago.

Pie in the Sky takes STEM activities in Chicago literally to another level. From 103 stories up both the views and photos are amazing. Photo by Dia Adams, Travel Hack Traveling Mom

I’m so happy to see the “being smart is cool” and “girls love science” attitude that comes from my ten year old daughter and her friends. It’s such a change from when I was in school. We are big fans of girls only trips, so I took advantage of the wide range of STEM activities in Chicago on a recent weekend. While we loved the museums, I also found four great

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