5 alternatives for average vacations

By on Jan 02, 2019 in Asia, Bhutan, Croatia, Eastern Europe, Europe, New Zealand, Oceania, Regions, Spain, United Kingdom, Western Europe

We suspect that you, like us, are not interested in average vacations. You want to travel in a way that shakes things up and is good for your mind, body, and soul. You have an adventurous spirit. You favor uncommon places and experiences. As more people travel and places become ever-more connected, touristy, and Instagramed, it can be hard to suss out the average from the extraordinary. Here a few of our favorite alternatives to more popular and average destinations.

Alternative to the French Riviera: Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

The French Riviera is a well-established vacation spot with glamorous beach resorts and bright blue water. But the beaches and restaurants are packed. Good luck finding a secluded bit of sand to spread your towel and relax. Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, the

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