5 beach bars and restaurants to inspire your next Caribbean adventure

There is something therapeutic about looking out towards the sea. I appreciate those restorative ocean view therapy sessions even more now, not having had access to them, and not having a clear idea of when I might again. Those who are drawn to the sea will always find a way go back, I am confident. For the time being, I will be content to reminisce about beach trips of the past, and continue to dream up ones for the future.

When it comes to assessing beach bars, suffice it to say that I have a few baseline requirements: a vibe that pairs naturally with the island’s culture, is a good place to start. A combination of tourists and locals, to add credibility, authenticity, and a festive air. The food should be at culinary level that seems to match up to the establishment’s look, vibe, and atmosphere. And lastly, a USP

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