5 beach experiences in the Brazilian summer

Bathing destinations appeared in mid-18th Century Europe. First, because of the therapeutic properties of sea bathing, prescribed by doctors for those suffering from some illness or living in the unhealthy urban environment. The sea, the salinity of the water, the sun, the breeze, and the marine landscape, though shyly at first, appeared in that period as a refuge for physical and mental restoration, but it was not until the 19th century that beaches became a leisure destination, especially in the 60s. Today, beach is synonymous with vacation worldwide.

To escape the paparazzi, in 1964 French actress Brigitte Bardot crossed the Atlantic to vacation in Búzios. Unintentionally, the diva placed Brazil on the world map of sun and sea tourism. Today, there is no shortage of famous beaches and many more to discover.

Brazil has a very strong beach culture and its extensive coastline is ideal for you to enjoy

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