5 beautiful places to hike in New Zealand

5 beautiful places to hike in New Zealand By on Jul 07, 2022 in Leisure Travel, New Zealand, Oceania, Regions, Speciality Travel

There is something quite magical in being able to lose yourself in New Zealand’s natural beauty by exploring on foot. To wander along dramatic coastlines, lush forests, and rugged mountain landscapes in an untouched paradise is genuinely luxurious. Stay in five-star lodges, eat at award-winning restaurants and explore beautiful places.


Northland has a sub-tropical climate and diverse landscape, ranging from pristine beaches to jagged coastlines. Cape Reinga is at the very tip of the North Island, where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean collide. According to a Maori legend, it is the tail of Maui’s fish and the place where the spirits of the deceased leave their homeland.

Northland’s long stretch of white sandy beach coastline makes it an ideal place

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