5 best beaches on Miyako-jima, Japan

5 best beaches on Miyako-jima, Japan By on Aug 17, 2021 in Asia, Attractions, Going Out, Japan, Regions

Many things may spring to mind when someone says “Japan”, but it is likely that white sand beaches and turquoise waters are not among them. Best known perhaps for a richness of culture, a deep rooted history, or even as the country that offers arguably the worlds best powder skiing, its merits as a beach destination are often overlooked.

The most southerly prefecture of Okinawa spans a huge area, with hundreds of kilometres between each island cluster. Those further south are closes to Tawain and even the Philippines, and so it is unsurprisingly to find many pristine pockets of paradise at this latitude. While the main island of Okinawa – and Ishigaki to the far south – may be better known for sun holidays, Miyakojima may well be

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