5 Best Bucks Party Locations for James Bond Party Ideas

Added by on January 28, 2019

In these days of superheroes, it’s good to know that guys can still find an idol or role model in someone who does not have out-of-this-world powers. James Bond still has magic and he can inspire some terrific ideas for a bucks party. If you are the best man with responsibility for giving the groom a special send off, there some classy bucks party locations (that’s not Las Vegas) and some of the best things to do in each location for a party under James Bond’s theme for friends to remember for a lifetime:

Macau: Casino Tour

You might think this is inspired by Casino Royale but in fact, if you think back to Skyfall, there’s an action sequence that takes place in a casino in Macau before Bond meets the movie’s villain, Silva. Gaming and gambling feature quite heavily in the

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