5 best parks in Africa to enjoy boating safaris

Boating safaris are not the classic 4X4 game drive experience; granted, you do not find as many big animals as you do via a land safari. However, boating is a beautiful way to enjoy being in the bush and seeing the usual wildlife from a different perspective, as well as taking a more detailed view of some of the smaller things which you miss when searching for the big five. Oh, and sipping a gin and tonic whilst the sunset ricochets off the water can be an unforgettable experience in itself; wildlife or no wildlife! Boating is about appreciating the remarkable wilderness you find yourself in and taking a moment without the roar of an engine to just soak in the incredible atmosphere which keeps safari buffs returning year after year.

Lower Zambezi

Zambia’s Lower Zambezi is one of the most beautiful and action-packed stretches of river in the world.

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