5 breathtaking adventure sports vacations on the Ecuadorian mainland

After months of being pent-up inside, adventurous travelers are feeling the urge to travel the world more than ever. At the same time, these intrepid explorers seek to venture out in a manner that ensures their health and safety. For this, outdoor adventure sports are ideally suited, as social distancing and plenty of fresh air help to safeguard their wellbeing.

For this, Ecuador presents itself as an ideal adventure-sports vacation destination, as the country is now open to safe tourism, with strict Covid bio-security protocols having been put in place. All of this makes this tiny South American nation idea for managing social isolation and providing safe family travel while offering comfort-filled 5-star facilities for relaxing after full days of exhilarating physical exertion.

Here, we outline five Ecuadorian adventure-sport vacations that check all these boxes:

1. Amazon rainforest adventure

Deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you can discover Yasuni National

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