5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Albania

Nearly three decades since Albania started to put their Communist history behind them, the country remains all but unknown known to tourists around the world. But there’s plenty for adventurous travelers to discover across the country, including photogenic mirror-like lakes, towering mountains and sprawling forests that are free of crowds. The cuisine has a heavy Greek influence, the people are so friendly they’ll bring you their goats, dogs and other animals to meet, and there are many intriguing historic sites too, from hilltop castles to underground bunkers.

Here, are 5 reasons to visit Albania.

Don’t leave home without your Brandt Travel Guide to Albania! 1: The locals might introduce you to their goats

The warm welcome in Albania makes a big impression. That could be said of a lot of countries. In the last 20 or so years that I’ve been traveling the world as a journalist and photographer,

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