5 dark tourism locations

By on Sep 23, 2020 in Asia, Attractions, Europe, Germany, Going Out, Italy, North America, Regions, Thailand, USA, Western Europe

In the Netflix show Dark Tourist, the viewer is exposed to unusual sites, rituals and ceremonies that occur worldwide. Dark tourism is actually a genre of tourism that has been growing in the last few years. Why do tourists flock to these macabre sites? It could be that the historical significance and the story of the site is extremely intriguing to the visitor. Those in academia may be interested in these sites for an understanding of a specific event such as Holocaust studies and war history.

The following five dark tourism sites are located on three continents where mass death has occurred. In Europe we explore Dachau Concentration Camp and the ancient city of Pompeii. In North America we visit the very poignant 9/11 memorial and Pearl Harbor.

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