5 favourite romantic retreats

By on Feb 12, 2021 in Accommodation, Africa, Asia, Brazil, Hotels, India, Indonesia, Leisure Travel, Morocco, Regions, Resorts, South America, Speciality Travel, Sri Lanka

Was Valentine’s Day a looming date you were slightly dreading? Another missed milestone comes and goes. Or perhaps it loomed with dread even in ye olde days of ‘normal’. How many overpriced meals in a fancy restaurant swarming with amorous couples do we really remember? No one can deny this pandemic has forced a shift in perspective on many aspects of the way we live our lives. Is the need to mark our undying love for someone on the same day every year one of them? Let’s make this month we look ahead for a more lasting and meaningful way to invest in love. Here are five tried and tested places that we know will create memories for a lifetime.

Kahanda Kanda, Galle,

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