5 great reasons for ‘green season safari-ing’

Why would you want to travel in an ‘off-peak’ season? It is a glorious time of year when spirits are lifted and both animals and humans alike feel the relief of drought-ridden land now receiving the promise of new life. It can be felt on the scented air, there is nothing like the smell of the first rains in Africa! The green season in Zimbabwe is always an adventure and normally stretches from mid-November to March.

This year, we’ve been blessed with what has so far, been a good rainy season, after several years of drought. Rivers are flowing and dam’s country-wide are filling after many of them were barely a river line. Natures’ ability to rejuvenate itself is apparent all around us – within a few weeks, the wildflowers create a show of colour and best of all, the spectacular flame lily, Zimbabwe’s national flower appears in all

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