5 hidden gems for an in-depth European getaway

5 hidden gems for an in-depth European getaway By on May 14, 2021 in Europe, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Regions, Spain, Western Europe

To truly get to know a place, you need to spend quality time with it, getting away from the crowds and immersing yourself in the local surroundings. It’s often when we venture beyond a destination’s ‘greatest hits’ to discover our own hidden gems, that we make our most treasured memories.

Here we explore five exclusive enclaves of popular holiday destinations, shining a light on what these less-visited islands and regions have to offer.

The Azores, Portugal

The Portuguese island chain of the Azores is famed for its rich history. Legends of islands in the Atlantic had long been told by classical poets and writers such as Homer and Pliny the Elder, however it wasn’t until 1493 when Christopher Columbus landed on Santa

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