5 luxurious Marrakech riads

For travellers looking for an authentic Marrakech experience it is hard to beat a Riad. That’s a traditional Moroccan house within the historic walls of the Medina.

Riad translates from Arabic as garden. Tall airy houses, often three storeys, are based around an internal cooling garden made up of a plunge pool, trees climbing up towards Marrakech’s blue skies and terracotta planters.

The address of a Riad will probably be on a “Derb”, the age-old name for one of the labyrinthian alleyways that criss-cross Marrakech, narrowly snaking and weaving as they have done for the thousand years of the Red City’s existence.


This was Mike and Lucie Wood’s first Riad development, an English couple who have become entranced by Marrakech’s magical charms. They took a traditional house, maintaining as many original features as possible to preserve the spirit of Marrakech. Consequently, every room presented another

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