5 luxury hotels that should not be missed on a trip through Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries considered safe for tourists in the current pandemic. Not only for its excellent medical care but also for its stunning, dramatic landscapes and seclusion. If you are seeking tranquillity, and spectacular scenery, from historic towns and contemporary cities, wildflower meadows, to rugged mountain landscapes and Swiss traditions. You definitely should consider a trip to Switzerland this summer. Experience this incredible country from a unique perspective. We present 5 top hotels, which can be ideally combined for a journey through Switzerland.

Chedi Andermatt

Andermatt is a sleepy mountain village in central Switzerland and is a 90-minute drive from Zurich. Chedi Andermatt opened its doors here in 2014. The design is Asian and a play between dark elements and light. This design runs through the entire hotel, from the rooms and the 2,400 m² Spa to the restaurants. In addition to an excellent Japanese restaurant,

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