5 must-try Caucasian restaurants in Moscow

Caucasian cuisine is one of the finest and tastiest cuisines there is. Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to know about it. I won’t blame you. In Western cities, it isn’t easy to find a good Georgian or Armenian restaurant. In Moscow that is completely different. Good Caucasian restaurants are a dime a dozen here. That is why this city is the ideal location for a savvy luxury traveler to try this underrated cuisine. To make things easier for you, I put together the five best Caucasian restaurants in Moscow.

1. Genadzvale

Located right in the center of Moscow on New Arbat, this Georgian restaurant could just as well be a little Georgian house that is standing in Tbilisi<. It is thoughtfully decorated and even boasts a little courtyard to round off the authentic Georgian flair. Of course, the service is as warmhearted as if you were in Georgia instead

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