5 must-visit hotels from around the world

5 must-visit hotels from around the world By on Aug 06, 2021 in Accommodation, Asia, China, Europe, France, Hong Kong, Hotels, Italy, New York, North America, Regions, Singapore, USA, Western Europe

We all travel for different reasons. Some are looking for those unique locations, others want to travel back in time. And then there’s those who travel for a particular hotel, just because it’s unique or iconic….or possibly even both. Below is my favourite top 5 when it comes to hotels which I like to categorise as “must-visit”, not only because of their great locations or historical status, but more because of the fact that they have everything you could wish for (and much more) but most importantly that little drizzle of “je ne said quoi”! These are places which still make your journey worth while even when everything else fails to amuse you.

The Plaza,

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