5 must-visit permanent lodges in The Serengeti

The north of Tanzania is home to some of the best wildlife viewing places in the world. From the famous Ngorongoro Crater to the elephant paradise of Tarangire, the possibilities are endless. There is however one National Park that rightly steals the headlines: The Serengeti.

Home to the Great Wildebeest Migration, an abundance of big cats and a plethora of other flora and fauna, it is no wonder the Serengeti is on many people’s bucket lists. With endless grassy plains that are studded with rocky outcrops, it is not only a photographer’s dream, but it epitomises an East African safari.

Whilst the Serengeti is known for its mobile camps that move throughout the year with the migration, there are a handful of beautiful lodges that are permanent and do not move with the wildebeest. Instead, they occupy areas that have excellent game viewing year-round and during certain months the

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