5 of the best wineries in Salento, Puglia

Puglia needs little introduction these days. The ‘heel’ of Italy’s ‘boot’ peninsula has emerged as a chic and popular destination for Mediterranean holidays. This once isolated Salentine Peninsula, in the deep south of Europe, is a rural landscape of centuries-old olive groves punctuated with fortress towns, and medieval cities.

It is a fashionably desirable destination. Understandably so, with a wonderful climate; glorious sun-drenched Adriatic and Ionian beaches (always a favourite with the Italians); and fabulous places to stay, from elegant ‘Masserie’ manors; unique and historic ‘trulli’ conical round houses; or smart holiday villas.

Yet what keeps me coming back is the fresh local produce and the increasingly sophisticated local wines. Whether you eat at a simple beach-side bar or in a rural restaurant you can be assured of local food prepared with passion and flair. After all, Puglia is regarded as the garden of Italy, prized for its produce, vines

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