5 of the world’s most swoon-worthy villas

By on Dec 12, 2020 in Accommodation, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Guadeloupe, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, North America, Regions, Saint Lucia, Vacation Rentals, Western Europe

If there was ever a time to start planning a villa holiday, that time, undeniably, is now. Villas, as opposed to hotels, are a natural choice for social distancing, as they are inherently secluded, and allow guests to spread out. Villas erase the need for babysitters, or restaurants, since a personal chef is one typical perk of villa life.

Finding the right villa can be a labor of love. It needs an optimal balance of indoor and outdoor living, to be designed with views in mind, and have just the right collection of ‘toys’, whether for age 4, or 40.

Lavish amenities, like an infinity pool, a private beachfront location (or both), a built-in sound system, a fully-stocked wine cellar, and a yoga sanctuary—are

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