5 of the world’s most thrilling adventure experiences

By on Oct 31, 2019 in Adventure Travel, Attractions, Bolivia, Central America, Europe, France, Going Out, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oceania, Regions, South America, Spain, Speciality Travel, Western Europe

Adventure runs thick in the veins of a special group of people. These are the adventurers, the thrill-seekers, the modern-day buccaneers who demand the surge of adrenalin only found at dizzying heights or breakneck speeds.

Unlike others, these rush-junkies actively seek adventure in places and ways most of the rest of us will never understand. For this special group of adventurous travelers, the world is one big playground with all the attractions they need to push their experience-seeking nature to the very limits. If you happen to know someone like this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most extreme adventures and amazing experiences, all of which make unforgettable gifts to keep the adrenalin coursing wildly through their veins

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