5 Reasons Every Mom Needs a Girlfriend Getaway

Do you feel guilty when you leave the kids at home and actually go on a vacation? Don’t! Leave the kids and have an epic girlfriend getaway. Long Weekend TravelingMom shares five reasons why every mom needs to have a girlfriend getaway. She also shares five places that make the perfect location for a girlfriend getaway!

Girlfriend getaways are the best for reconnecting and laughing with friends! Source: Deposit Photos via bst2012

In my BK (Before Kids) life, there were plenty of times when I enjoyed a girlfriend getaway. It was simple to grab a few friends and hit to road for a concert, party or weekend away.  I remember driving three hours from DC to NJ and back home the same night for a few hour party. Those weekends away gave me a chance to let my hair down and connect with friends, not to mention have

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