5 reasons to make Lake Malawi your next destination

If you haven’t considered Lake Malawi as a destination already, an image of her azure blue water and picture perfect beaches will probably do the trick. But if you need a little more, here are five reasons that will make you wish you were already there…

1. You get to travel on the MV Ilala

The MV IlalaFerry is legendary. This lady of the lake was built in Scotland and started her weekly journey around the country in 1951, providing a lifeline to the islands and many remote villages on the lake shore. Traveling on this mini Titanic, with her wooden decks, brass ornaments and friendly staff is a not-to-be-missed experience. From the bar on the top deck, you can enjoy the shoreline or the stunning lake while the ship slowly makes her way to your destination. It is a great place to meet interesting characters and swap tales of your

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