5 reasons to move Baltimore to the top of your travel plans

For most of us, Baltimore is not necessarily top of mind when it comes to places to go on a US holiday. But it absolutely should be! Move over Portland, Oregon – there is a new hip, foodie city on the horizon!

1. Fantastic restaurants

Baltimore is bustling with interesting and innovative restaurants. Its location means it has fantastic fresh seafood (especially crab) and great produce and meat from the nearby farms of Maryland. The city is probably most famous for crab cakes. Forget everything you knew or thought you knew about crab cakes. I was imagining a few pieces of crab in a doughy mix. I was completely wrong!

Crab cakes in Baltimore are literally packed with pieces of juicy, tasty crab meat and little else. I was a bit surprised at the price until I had one and understood I was eating virtually straight crab. You cannot leave

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