5 reasons to travel solo in Japan

Whether you’re running a finger over a map searching for your next solo holiday destination, or you’re daydreaming about travelling alone for the very first time, there’s a cluster of islands with rich culture and history, delicious food and kindly people. A country perfect for every kind of solo traveller.

Japan, a place with diametric opposites: geisha perform traditional dance, trains travel up to 200 miles per hour, robots replace receptionists, ski slopes provide world-class conditions, and snow monkeys sink into hot spring baths. It’s a country where something new and surprising lurks around every corner.

Here are five reasons to take a solo holiday here.

1. Dining alone

Forget heading to the 7-11 to munch cheap eats in your hotel room, or awkwardly taking a table for one to crouch for a couple of hours behind a menu. In Japan dining alone is the norm; there are even

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