5 reasons you need to go skiing in Japan

To most skiers, Japan needs no introduction. Its deep snow, playful terrain and wacky convenience stores have been burned into our collective consciousness via the multitude of ski and snowboard videos, photos, and articles that we’re deluged in every year. But Japan isn’t just the land of deep powder skiing, it’s an incredibly interesting travel destination with an ancient but welcoming culture that everyone should experience in their lifetime. So go to Japan to ski, but don’t miss out on these off-slope highlights…

The mountains

Most skiers typically equate skiing in Japan with deep, inbounds powder pillow skiing. And sure, there is plenty of that to be had in Japan, but the country’s mountain ranges offer a lot more than just tree skiing under a chairlift. Japan is actually home to some incredible big mountain skiing. The Japanese Alps are peppered with huge pine lines, Niseko’s wide open bowls are

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