5 stunning Mallorcan villas with a pool

You may not know it but Mallorca has 262 beaches, so in theory you could book a luxury villa anywhere on the island and be within a short distance of a beach and the shimmering azure waters of the Mediterranean. But get real for a minute, why would you not want a pool with your villa? A morning dip before breakfast? A cool-off, mid sunbathe, when you’re starting to melt? The inclusion of a pool is a no brainer really. The beach can wait, you’ve got a week or maybe more to explore, they aren’t going anywhere. Here are five simply beautiful Mallorcan villas that have pools.

Mansion Dux

Mansion Dux, arguably one of Mallorca’s most desirable villas. This stylish property, located in perfect balance between town and coast, is packed with history and luxury facilities to give you the ideal base for your holiday.

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