5 travel comebacks to plan right now

By on Oct 07, 2020 in Travel Miscellany

Many months into the pandemic, or as my husband calls it, on this ‘new planet’, I have started to dive deep into my travel files, my memory bank, and my bucket lists. It is a guilty pleasure of mine during this unique moment in time—dreaming up future travel adventures. I have lofty ideas, pages of research, and plenty of notes, hidden in places on my phone that I can’t ever seem to locate.

The ‘new planet’ concept didn’t win me over at first. I didn’t get it. I wanted my old planet back.

But did I, really?

Surely, there were things on the old planet that I didn’t like. Appointments that clogged my calendar, soccer car pools on faraway fields, and countless, ‘critical’, school-related meetings, that used up much-needed bandwidth in my brain.

To use another analogy (which is

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