5 travel gadgets for your next trip

5 travel gadgets for your next trip By on Jun 26, 2022 in Accessories, Featured, Gadgets, Photography, Travel Equipment

Most people I know who love to travel also love their tech and, in particular, their travel gadgets – accessories that make travel that little bit easier, more comfortable, or simply a little more fun! Here are five gadgets to check out for your next trip away.

RIVER Portable Power Station from Ecoflow

If, like me, you have multiple different gadgets that you travel around with – be it smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, headphones or whatever – then you no doubt also have a battery pack or two. Problem is, these don’t always offer enough ‘juice’ for so many different devices. Sure, you can have multiple battery packs, or you can get industrial-sized power devices that aren’t really that portable. This is where the RIVER Portable Power

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